Gaming & Membership System Upgrade

Diggers & Sports Club will be completing a major upgrade to our gaming & membership software in September 2022.

The upgrade includes a transition from Max Gaming to Odyssey Gaming and will offer a number of exciting benefits to members including:

  • Improved ability to offer promotions & rewards for members
  • New member kiosks & gaming machine loyalty screens
  • A more reliable card-based gaming account
  • Better membership system & improved customer service functionality

All major works will be completed outside of trading hours to minimise the impact for members. All aspects of members accounts (including Paradise Reward Points, Ratings and MyCash) will transition seamlessly, however there will be a couple of actions for members to complete when they first visit Diggers & Sports Club from 2nd September these include:

Membership Card Re-encoding
Simply present your membership card at our foyer to have it re-encoded. This process takes less than 30 seconds!

Membership PIN Reset
All membership card PINs will be reset to the last 4-digits of your membership number. For security, we strongly encourage all members to reset their PIN via the kiosk.

How will it affect you?
While we are working to keep customer inconvenience to an absolute minimum, please be aware of the following items that will effect members between Thursday 31st August – Friday 2nd September.


Will my Paradise Rewards Points be affected?
All Rewards Points will be transferred from the Maxgaming system to Odyssey Gaming system. Our membership team will be checking all accounts to ensure balances are correct.

Will the way in which my Paradise Rewards Points expire change?
No, all Rewards Points will continue to age 12 months if not used. However, when you use any points, the oldest points on your account will be redeemed first. We recommend regularly redeeming your points to avoid points expiring.

Do I need to withdraw my MyCash funds?
Any MyCash funds will be transferred from the Maxgaming system to Odyssey. Our staffing team will be checking all accounts to ensure balances are correct. Please note however that all MyCash funds will be locked from Midnight 31st August until 10am Friday 2nd September to allow the transfer and checking of all accounts. If you wish to access these funds during this time, please make a withdrawal before Midnight on Wednesday 31st August.

What is CardIT?
The current MyCash system will be replaced by the CardIT system from Friday 2nd September The CardIT system works in a very similar way to MyCash. Patrons can still collect money onto an account linked to your membership card and redeem for cash or pay for items around the club. Please see our staff for more details.

Will EzyBreak still be available?
Yes, a similar service to Ezybreak called Breakaway will be available from Friday 2nd September The only key areas of difference is that you must have a minimum of $1 credit on your machine to activate Breakaway and you can’t activate Breakaway during free spins or play.

Are my details secure?
Yes, all data transfers will be handled securely and all required steps will be taken to ensure the privacy of your data. As the PIN for all members accounts will be reset, we strongly recommend you update your PIN when you first visit the club from Friday 2nd September.

What will happen if I visit the club on Thursday 1st September
Diggers & Sports Club will be open for our usual trading hours on Thursday 1st September However, due to the transfer our membership accounts, all loyalty services will be turned off for the day. While members won’t be earning and rewards points, ratings or promotional entries on this day, we will be providing all patrons with members prices and offering extra promotions in all areas of our clubs in lieu of our regular rewards.

What do I need to do?
We’ll handle all the work to make things simple for you. All that you need to do is see our staff at the foyer when you first our club from Friday 2nd September to have your card re-coded and re-set your PIN.

What if have more questions?
If you have any questions regarding this transition, please ask one of our friendly staff.