RSL and Veterans Support


Remembrance Day, 11th November 2019






Mission Statement

Surfers RSL complies with the RSL Mission Statement “To ensure that programs are in place for the well-being, care, compensation and commemoration of serving and ex-service Defence Force members and their dependents; and promote Government and community awareness of the need for a secure, stable and progressive Australia.

The Veterans Support Centre provides professional advice and assistance to veterans, members and ex-members of the Defence forces and their dependants on obtaining benefits under the Veterans Entitlements Act and the Military Compensation and Rehabilitation Service. The service cover disability pensions, compensation payments, associated allowances, income support payments and treatment available to entitle veterans, members and ex-members of the Defence Forces and their dependants. The service includes:

  • providing an initial contact point for welfare matters, assessment of the requirement and assistance in contact with the relevant providers to solve the problem;
  • assistance and advice in the preparation of initial claims and applications;
  • the preparation and presentation of cases for review to the Repatriation Commission;
  • the preparation of cases for review under the Military Compensation Scheme;
  • the preparation and presentation of cases for review to the Veterans’ Review Board;
  • in certain circumstances the preparation and presentation of cases for review to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

There is no requirement for a person to be a member of the RSL to avail themselves of these services. They are available to all entitled veterans, members and ex-members of the Defence Forces, and their dependants.

There is no charge made for these services, but the RSL is unable to accept responsibility for any indirect charges such as medical or other reports that may be necessary to support a Veteran’s claim or application. The person being assisted is required to give an undertaking to accept this responsibility. However, there may be certain provisions where assistance may be available for reimbursement of such charges. All of our people are volunteers who have received training under the DVA Training and Information Programme (TIP). We have people who have been trained at the basic level as Welfare Officers and Pensions Officers, as well as the advance level as Case Officers and Advocates.